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Step Through



A parallel world that is both within and outside our own.
Roppongi, Choutsugai-cho. A town on the edge.
It's flashy, high society. Urban life in the midst of a bubble economy.
People, beasts, and the "strange" stroll about in search of something new.
While skyscrapers stand packed together, the town bleeds neon colors.
A girl lives in a six-and-a-half tatami mat apartment with a guitar in her hand.
Tonight, she knocks on the door of a live music club.More+
Strain Your Ears
Blending nostalgia for what was, and the excitement of what’s to come, NOREN transports you across time, space, and meta to an optimistic future built around a community of people ready to explore how web3 will challenge art, entertainment, and socioeconomic life.
New paradigms require a dedicated base of dreamers and risk-takers, so take a step and pass through the NOREN curtain.
With 10,000 unique hand-drawn NFTs, and an exciting roadmap connecting artists in Japan with the rest of the world,
join us on the journey and uncover your own NOREN identity.More+


Not merely a PFP project, NOREN is committed to finding and filling gaps that exist between creators and their fans by connecting communities through web3. Beginning with Phase 1 and our genesis NFT project, NOREN holders will have access to exclusive giveaways, collaborations, and drops, as our team builds out our vision for a platform connecting Japan’s artists and popular culture with the world.


Launch Discord,
Twitter and Website
WL contests / collaborations for community
March 12, 2023 the NOREN NFT collection will drop


Story Competition
Fan Art & Character Competition
1/1 Art for contest winners
Live Art Lessons
Connect and collaborate with other Artists for surprise drops
Concept-planning for next collaboration project


Launch NOREN NFT Collaboration Project
Set within the NOREN universe for the NOREN community
Collaborate with up to 3 new artists for a mix of styles still done under the NOREN aesthetic
WL priority for Genesis holders
More contests!

Platform Prep

Short manga based on NOREN universe will be teased
Access to special drops and 1/1s from collab artists
Selected phase 2 & 3 contest winners will have input into the manga, or have their content featured in upcoming art drops


The NOREN platform launches,
linking artists and creators from Japan with fans around the world

Two Streams

1 Curated Art and Content from Major artists in Japan

2 Pipeline for public users to launch their own art / content

Dedicated colab space for artists / creators to connect
Learning hub for art tutorials and lessons
NOREN genesis holders will have exclusive access to special features like early access to curated drops, discounted mints, raffles etc

About us

Who were the first to cross the threshold?
A collection of art enthusiasts, web3 degens, 9-5 professionals, and beer lovers - the NOREN team came together after a chance discussion over IPAs in the heart of Tokyo. Noticing how difficult it was for Japanese art & culture enthusiasts to connect directly with local artists, and likewise how intimidating it was for Japanese creators to launch a web3 project that could reach the masses, the idea for the NOREN platform was created to bridge the gap. After bringing on a successful Manga artist with years in the industry, and an insider with connections across numerous local art scenes, the core team was ready to step through the NOREN and start building.More+


For some our most basic info, see the FAQ below. For anything else, you can reach us on Twitter or Discord.
How many NOREN NFTs are there going to be?
When is the mint date?
Rumors come true, Minting March 12, 2023.
Are all the NOREN unique?
All NOREN art is hand-drawn by our talented artist, and final NFTs are algorithmically generated to ensure no two NFTs are exactly alike.
Can I buy more than 1 NOREN?
Yes of course! Maximum of 3 units available.
How can I join the Discord?
Discord link can be found at the top of this page, or through our Twitter account. Come in and say hi!
What is the mint format and price?
Minting will take place through our website. Simply connect your wallet and have some ETH ready. Price is still TBD.
She hails from Fukuoka and has been drawing manga since she was 6 years old, starting with tales surrounding Unchi-kun…literally “little poop man”. After completing her tertiary education at one of Japan’s most prestigious art schools, and working in graphic and web design for several years, MAYA started professionally creating manga and is currently attached to major publisher Kadokawa where she releases several serialized manga volumes, some of which are also published overseas. When she’s not drawing, or contemplating new stories, she’s nerding out reading manga….so yea, a huge Manga Otaku.
DRAGON, our co-founder, is a Parson’s Design School graduate with over a decade of experience at one of Japan’s largest Advertising firms, and a range of tastes that include beer, cooking…and more beer. He has been running his own craft beer bar out of the heart of Tokyo for the past 4 years, and has been degen-ing in the web3 world since 2018.
Masa is our coder extraordinaire. A software engineer and developer by trade, he studied computer system engineering and machine learning at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. His interests extend to all things tech and how they intersect with alternative ways of living. Masa is also a keen mountaineering enthusiast, having gone on several expeditions overseas, including one to the Indian Himalayas where he climbed Chamser Kangri (6622m).
Born in Gifu Prefecture, quite a distance from Tokyo, Shishimomo grew up surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lush greenery. At 19, he gave up the inaka life for the lights and concrete of the big city, enrolling at Musashino Art University (MAYA’s alma mater) to study graphic design. He now works at a major advertising agency where he is in charge of web design, UIUX design, and branding strategy. Shishimomo loves dogs (especially Pekinese), and his dream would be running a dog park while continuing his art and design activities.
Pita has called Tokyo home since 2015, and brings years of experience in project management, research, and bridging the gap between East and West. First discovering crypto in 2017, he’s dipped his hands in all facets of web3 (including losing it all in degen pool 2s), and began focusing on NFTs in 2021. After realizing their mutual connections to crypto, NFTs, and the Japanese manga / art industry, Dragon and Pita hatched a plan to bring together creators and fans both in Japan and across the world.
ZousZous is Tokyo born and bred, and has had a foot in the city’s diverse art communities and niche culture scenes for years. She is a Writer and Editor, and a keen observer of world culture with a focus that bleeds into all her work. Aiming to investigate the true essence of cultural themes that transcend both genre and national borders, ZousZous observes, records, and comments on phenomena and trends across entertainment, gourmet, beauty, fashion and art. She is NOREN’s backstage pass to the hidden sides of Tokyo, and brings along a host of connections that make NOREN viable here in Japan.Oh and for anyone wondering, her favorite book is “The Complete Translation of Fabre’s Book of Insects” from her #1 person, Henri Fabre.